K. Jackson Album Release




K. Jackson is a breath of fresh air to the new millennium as he is not only a hip-hop artist, but he comes packaged as a quadruple threat with other talents such as singer, songwriter and actor.  His artistry transcends through obstacles that most artist are not able to cross. Jackson’s  original, edgy, honest and raw lyrical content along with his high energy performances and his charismatic personality have kept his fans loyal since his days in the R&B group 3rd Storee dating back from 1997 thru 2006.  Following 3rd Storee, Jackson also formed a hip-hop artist group “Minorities Report” where he really began to show his individual talent and passion as a hip-hop artist.  




After Jackson’s nearly 10 year career with R&B music group 3rd Storee came to an end, Jackson took time out to focus on acting with appearances on “Everybody Hates Chris”, along with several other commercials, film and television shows.  When not acting, he also took time to develop his songwriting and his long awaited solo career, Jackson expresses, “I feel that everything I went through with the group and the record labels that I needed to take time out and regain my focus and get my passion back.  I see myself now as the kind of hip-hop artist that will influence my listeners in a positive way because I tell them the truth.”  


Jackson’s sound has been described as Tupac meets Kayne West and a little bit of Drake, Jackson says, “Though my voice is often compared to Busta Rhymes, my style is more direct and focused on events and what makes me so unique compared to other hip-hop artist is my ability to switch from R&B to hip-hop, but also pop."