Online Training Sessions

Sessions are hosted by Jon-John Robinson.  Each session includes one hour of instruction time with a group up to 30. Training topics vary covering topics on music production, music theory, songwriting, hardware and software.  Dates, times and available slots of each session will be displayed when booking.  

Prices are subject to change; sessions are for a limited time only. 

  • Four 60 Minute Sessions/$20

Online Music Production Lessons

Lessons include, private individual instruction time, customized lesson notes, hands on training and at home practice instructions.  Lessons are offered per session or per package.

Prices are subject to change

  • 60 Minute Lesson/$150 per session

  • Production Lesson Package/$450 per package (includes 4 lessons)


Online Vocal Technique Lessons

Lessons include a 60 minute session per week & require a three (3) month commitment. Lessons are taught through a combination of Zoom & in person lessons depending on location.

  • 60 Minute Private Session/$75 per session

Topics Include:

  • Vocal cord health

  • Strength, stamina and flexibility

  • Voice functionality

  • Overall health of the voice

  • Achieving sounds free and in an easy

  • Building of the voice

  • Correcting any deficiencies or imperfections

  • How to apply good techniques without damaging the voice



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