Arkadia Music Group, LLC (AMG)

Studio Policies

Please note that any or all of the studio policies below are subject to change without prior notice.  The current, revised Studio Policies are always posted on this page located on the Arkadia Music Group, LLC website. 




updated 10/01/2021

Lesson Policies: 

Standard Music Lesson Billing Information:

Arkadia Music Group, LLC (AMG) requires monthly auto payments for all music lessons. Fees are due by the first of each month. When initially signing up for lessons, payment is due at minimum a week before the first scheduled lesson in order to save a spot. The following months will be billed the 1st of every month once you are officially signed up. There is an average of four lessons per month, with the exception of vocal lessons which have the option of 2 or 4 lessons per month. Students beginning lessons after the first of the month will have payments pro-rated or make up credits issued if applicable. In the event of non payment AMG reserves the right to cancel music lessons and/or suspend a student until their account is brought up to date. AMG also reserves the right to bill a $30 fee for any auto billing transaction(s) that are declined for any reason. 

Semester Billing:

At any time a student/parent may choose to pay up front for semester lesson billing instead of monthly auto payments.  Semester billing is an option to pay for 15 weeks up front and is due one week prior to the students first lesson.  Semester billing is an alternative option to not billing monthly and does not require 30 day written notice to cancel. 

Months with more than 4 or 8 Lessons:

Arkadia Music Group, LLC (AMG) students are billed on average of 4 or 8 lessons per month. Music Lessons include 4 lessons per month and Artist Development lessons include 8 lessons per month.  When there is a month that includes more than 4 or 8 lessons, AMG students will only be scheduled for the lessons included per month. In example, if a students scheduled lesson day falls on the month that includes an extra lesson, the student's additional lesson(s) will be cancelled in the portal. Students may use this cancelled lesson as a make up slot (if the students has any available make up credits). Scheduling make up for this cancelled lesson must be scheduled within 24 hour notice using the portal. Students may also choose to use this cancelled lesson as extra time to practice at home.

Lesson Cancellation/Lesson Transfer 

Arkadia Music Group, LLC (AMG) bills a recurring monthly charge to students account for music lessons such as but not limited to piano, vocal, production, music theory and guitar.  If a student wishes to cancel services, the student/parent must submit a 30 Day Cancellation Notice which can be downloaded from the student portal and emailed to Students are required to give 30 day written notice if wishing to temporarily cancel or permanently cancel lessons. Students/parents will submit a 30 day notice form before the next billing cycle (the1st of every month) and will be charged through the end of that 30 day billing cycle. In example, if it's in the middle of June and the student wishes to submit a 30 day cancellation notice, student/parent will submit the form by the 1st of July.  AMG will bill the students last month (July) and lessons and billing will be effectively cancelled as of the 1st of August, making July the last month of lessons. All unused make up credits and services are non-refundable, so every student/parent cancelling should be sure to register for any unused make up credits within the last month. If at any time the student chooses to transfer a lesson type to a different music lesson (i.e. from piano to vocal), the student may do so, however the student will finish out the current month within the already registered lesson type and will be billed another registration fee for the new lesson type. 

Lesson Makeup 

Arkadia Music Group, LLC (AMG) lesson make up policy requires 24 Hour cancellation notice through the portal to earn a make up credit. If 24 hour notice is not given, the student will forfeit the make up credit for the missed lesson. If the lesson cancellation is not made through the student portal, the student will forfeit the make up credit for the missed lesson. PLEASE NOTE:  In person cancellations to instructors, phone or by email are absolutely not allowed. Students must cancel on the student portal. This helps AMG to be organized and gives the student written proof of cancellation and tracking of make up credits and attendance in the portal. AMG offers makeup slots that are available during the week for all piano students.  Lesson make up slots are separated by homeschool & public/working students to allow exclusive availability due to schedule restraints. Please check your student portal every1st week of the month for registration of open make up slots. Registration for make up slots is only possible if a student has already been issued a make up credit from a prior cancellation. Each student or parent should not register for more than one hour of make up on the same day/week. Make up lesson slots are on a "first person" to register basis. If a student misses the make up lesson that was scheduled, the student will forfeit the make up lesson. AMG will excuse cancellations on an emergency basis only, for certain situations such as health emergency or loss in the family. Upon 24 hour cancellation of your lesson slot, AMG will issue a make up credit through the portal.  Make up credits must be used within 60 days of the cancelled lesson or the credit will expire. If a student has not practiced adequately during the previous week, their piano lesson will be a time to review, please do not cancel a lesson because your child/student was not able to practice.  Open make up slot registration for guitar, vocal and violin students is not available at the moment, however it will be an added in the near future. Guitar, Vocal and Violin make up lessons are scheduled directly between the instructor and the student.

Homeschool Lesson Pricing

Arkadia Music Group, LLC (AMG) homeschool pricing applies only to families that are not registered in any public, charter, or private school district.  If a student is taking virtual/online temporary or permanent learning through a school district, this student does not qualify for homeschool pricing. Homeschool pricing is only valid to students that are not part of any school district.

Instructor Absence/Cancellations

Arkadia Music Group, LLC (AMG) instructors & contractors may participate in conferences and special events from time to time.  When this occurs and conflicts with a students lesson slot, AMG will issue a teacher absent make up credit. Also, if an instructor/contractor needs to cancel and we do not have a substitute to cover the lesson, the student will be given a make up credit.  When an AMG special event occurs or an AMG instructor/contractor cancels, we will do our best effort to give notice and will also give opportunity for the parent or student to register for a make up slot. 



Arkadia Music Group, LLC (AMG) reserves the right to provide a substitute instructor if the scheduled instructor is unable to teach a lesson and also reserves the right to replace the current instructor with a new instructor if necessary.


Arkadia Music Group, LLC expects that each student is prompt to their music lessons. Lessons may be scheduled back to back so it's impossible to make up any "lost time" due to tardiness the day of the lesson.  Please do not arrive more than five minutes to your lesson or pick up more than 5 minutes after your lesson. AMG reserves the right to cancel lessons without make up credit when a student is more than 20 minutes late.


Dropping off Students

Arkadia Music Group, LLC (AMG) allows students to be dropped off for their lessons.  Please wait until your child/student actually enters the building before driving away.   

Lesson Registration Fees

Arkadia Music Group, LLC (AMG) charges a $30 registration fee per student biannually (twice a year).  Families (up to 4) registration fee is $50 and $15 per child after. Registration fees are non refundable. For new students, the first biannual registration fee is billed at the time of registration and the second biannual registration fee will not be billed until at least 4 months from initial paid registration fee.  Registration fees will be charged using the credit card on file in the months of January and September on the15th day and repeated each year thereafter. These fees cover the costs of supplies, two recitals per year, initial and advancement in books. Artist Development and Producer Development students are charged an initial registration fee at time of sign up and are exempt from biannual registration fees. 


Arkadia Music Group, LLC (AMG) does not give refunds for lessons.  Students are given an option to make up a missed lesson based on the policies written above.  Students are also allowed to cancel lessons at any given time based on the policies written above. 

Auto Billing Declines

Whenever auto billing is declined, Arkadia Music Group, LLC (AMG) will charge a $35.00 processing fee.  If a parent/student needs to change the credit card information on file for any reason, it must be done within 24 hours of every 1st of the month to avoid being charged the fee. Lessons will not be resume until the credit card on file is updated and the declined processing fee is paid. 


Arkadia Music Group, LLC (AMG) recitals are held biannually (twice a year). Participation is not required, although highly recommended. If the student decides to opt out of the recitals, the student may still be required to learn the assigned songs/pieces/tracks for the year. Recitals give our students a goal to reach and an opportunity to showcase. Recitals will usually take place in the Summer and Winter months with dates announced annually. 

Field Trips

Arkadia Music Group, LLC (AMG) may organize field trips throughout the year.  When doing so, parents and students will be asked to register, pay the field trip fee and fill out any necessary release of liability forms.  Each student will need to provide their own transportation, unless transportation is provided.  These field trips are an extended way for students to further their education in music. Participation is not required, although highly recommended.  

Inclement Weather

Arkadia Music Group, LLC (AMG) Lessons are not automatically cancelled due to inclement weather.  Even when local school districts have declared a weather cancellation day or early release, lessons may still be issued.  It is best, when in doubt to call/text or email a studio associate for confirmation if lessons will resume. AMG will make best efforts to notify you within 1 hour of your expected arrival time, should the studio be closed due to bad weather. 


Arkadia Music Group, LLC (AMG) reserves the right to cancel a lesson (in person or online) based on inappropriate behavior or refusal to follow directions.  Misbehavior may result in early termination of the lesson and or permanent cancellation of lessons. Students may be given at minimum three (3) verbal warnings before a lesson results in early cancellation, however depending on the severity of the misbehavior the lesson will be cancelled without warnings. It is important to discuss problems and questions directly with your students instructor as they arise.  If your child seems to be losing interest or if you have other concerns, please let the instructor or a studio associate know right away. In some circumstances, it is recommended for parents to not sit in the lesson of younger children to promote a more authoritative position for the instructor to the child.  For older students, we recommend discussing with your child if they are comfortable having you sit in on the lessons.  There have been cases that have been found that this observance from parents can add stress and inhibit a Childs learning. If a parent is wanting to stay in the lesson we ask that you do not bring younger siblings that could be noisy and distracting to your learning student and we ask that you do not interfere with the instructors teaching.  Please reserve any suggestions or questions you may have for after the lesson. 


Arkadia Music Group, LLC (AMG) requires student participation outside of the lesson. The only way to truly get the most out of each music lesson is to practice regularly at home outside of the lesson time. What your students puts in to this language of music outside of the studio, is what your student will get out of the lessons. Attending a lesson once a week for either 30, 45 or 60 minutes is NOT ENOUGH. Practicing daily at home makes all the difference and will determine the progress and overall advancement of your student. AMG instructors give practice notes weekly to each student and the student is expected to practice what the instructor has assigned. Parents, we strongly suggest that you are extremely encouraging to your child while practicing at home.  Please do not criticize your Childs playing. If you have any concerns about your Childs progress, please contact the instructor or a Studio Associate.

Lost Books

Arkadia Music Group, LLC (AMG) provides a lesson and theory book at the time of either initial registration or upon advancement. However, if a student should lose a book, you have the option to purchase the book at a providing retailer or you may request for the studio to order another book at the studio's current selling rate.  

Recording Studio Policies:


Studio Time Booking

A 50% deposit is required to book each session.  Clients deposit will be applied toward first session.  Deposits must be received within 48 hours of the session, or your booking may be cancelled and scheduled with another client.  Deposits are non refundable. Sessions cannot be rescheduled and if cancelled, deposits are non refundable. Cancellations not made within 24 hours will incur a $50 fee upon resuming your session/services. 


Studio Time Rates & Billing

Standard recording rate is $40.00 per hour (2hour minimum).  Studio may be booked in 8 hour blocks.  Billing of the 2 hour minimum starts prior to clients scheduled session time. Billing also includes time when the engineer is working on the project for such things as edits, mastering, rough mixes, uploading, etc.  From the point Client begins the scheduled session to the point Client leaves out the door the session is billed.


Studio Payment

Payment is required before each session for the 2 hour minimum and any additional time will be adjusted and charged at the end of the session.  AMG accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX.  


Studio Masters

Account must be paid in full prior to receiving any masters.  Client must provide your own hard drive.


Studio Mixing

Mixes are not part of studio time.  AMG can provide mixes at a reasonable rate.  Client may inquire for more information. 

Studio Downtime

If the studio should suffer any failure due to forces of nature or acts of GOD or otherwise, we agree to re-schedule studio sessions at an agreeable time for all parties. If the recording systems fail during a studio session and loss of data or time is a result, you will receive equivalent time at no charge to make up for such loss to your session.


Independent Producers, Musicians, Engineers

If clients needs a Music Producer, AMG can provide one at an additional cost.  This goes for musicians, and mixing and mastering. Client may inquire for more information. 


Events Policies:


Payment or voucher must be made/presented prior to event date, or Attendee's seat will not be reserved.  Once signed up, AMG studio will send confirmation of attendants reserved seat. Event refunds will not be given.  If needing to cancel, AMG will issue a credit to use toward another event of the same type.


Alcohol/Beverage Policy for BYOB events:
BYOB is 21 and up only. Must be 21 to consume alcohol.  Wine is the only alcoholic beverage allowed.  All other alcoholic beverages are prohibited.  If you do not consume alcohol, you are welcomed to bring any other non-alcoholic beverage.



General Policies:


If Clients, Students or Guests leave any gear or personal belongings behind in the studio or music room we will take reasonable effort to store safely, however we will not be held responsible in the event your equipment or belongings are damaged or stolen. By agreeing to this policy you agree that Arkadia Music Group, LLC or any of it’s owners, contractors or employees are not responsible for loss or damage to any gear or personal belongings left behind. 


No Smoking & Drugs

Smoking and drugs are strictly prohibited on the premises. We have the right to  deny access to our studio and our equipment, to anyone we feel is under the influence.  


Firearms are strictly prohibited on the premises.  We have the right to deny working with anyone we feel is carrying firearms and is a potential threat to any of our associates.

Release of Liability

I give permission for Arkadia Music Group, LLC (AMG) to use my image/likeness when on the premises and attending special events or Arkadia Music Group, LLC (AMG) actives and field trips for promotional purposes. 


Right to Refuse 

We reserve the right to refuse to work with anyone for any reason. We do not usually record Rap, and we do not record Punk or Death metal.

Changes to Policies

Clients and Students can review the most current version of these Policies at any time on our website. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to update, change or replace any part of these Policies by posting updates and changes to our website. It is your responsibility to check our website periodically for changes. Your continued use of or access to our website or the Service following the posting of any changes to these Policies constitutes acceptance of those changes.

Limitation of Liability

Arkadia Music Group, LLC does not accept responsibility for anyone acting as a result of information in, or views expressed on, its training including course materials.

Governing law
These Terms of Service and any separate agreements whereby we provide you Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Texas laws.


Privacy Policy
All information provided by you under these Terms & Conditions will be treated in accordance with Arkadia Music Group, LLC Privacy Policy.


Force majeure
Neither party shall be liable to the other for any delay or failure to perform any obligation under these Terms & Conditions (except for a failure to pay fees) if the delay or failure is due to unforeseen events which are beyond the reasonable control of such party, such as a strike, blockade, war, act of terrorism, riot, natural disaster, failure or diminishment of power or telecommunications or data networks or services, or refusal of a license by a government agency (each a “Force Majeure Event”).


Entire Agreement and severability.
This Agreement is the entire agreement between you and Arkadia Music Group, LLC relating to all music lessons and studio services, supersedes all prior or contemporaneous oral or written communications, proposals and representations with respect to the training or any other subject matter covered by these Terms & Conditions. If any provision of these Terms & Conditions is held to be void, invalid, unenforceable or illegal, the other provisions shall continue in full force and effect.