Lesson Policies:


Lesson Billing Information

Monthly auto payments are required for all music lessons. Fees are due by the first of each month. When initially signing up for lessons, payment is due at minimum a week before your schedule lesson in order to save your spot and the following months will be billed the 1st of every month once you are officially signed up. There is an average of four lessons per month.  Monthly lesson rates are charged whether there are three, four, or five lesson days in the month.  Clients/students beginning lessons after the first of the month will have payments pro-rated or make up credits issued if applicable. 

Lesson Cancellation

AMG bills a recurring monthly charge to your account for music lessons (piano & production).  If you wish to cancel services, you must submit a 30 Day Cancellation Notice which can be downloaded from your client/student portal and emailed to registration@arkadiamusicgroup.com.  You will be charged through the end of the 30 Day Notice submission date (30 days from the date your email form is submitted).  If students last day of classes is more than 30 days from today, you understand that you will be charged through the last day/date of classes.

Lesson Makeup Policy, Credits & Refunds

24 Hour cancellation notice is required through the portal to earn a make up credit. If 24 hour notice is not given, you will forfeit your make up credit for the missed lesson. AMG offers a once a month Saturday makeup class option. Check your student portal every 1st of the month for registration of open slots. Registration for make up slots is only possible if you've already been issued a make up credit from a prior cancellation. Each student or parent should not register for more an one hour of make up time each Saturday. Make up lesson slots are on a "first person" to register basis.  AMG will excuse cancellations on an emergency basis only, for certain situations such as health emergency or loss in the family.  Upon 24 hour cancellation of your lesson slot, AMG will issue a make up credit through the client/student portal.  Make up credits must be used within 30 days of the cancelled lesson or the credit will expire. Saturday make up slots do not apply to Vocal Technique and Homeschool students.  If you are a Vocal Technique or Homeschool student, please cancel your lesson in the portal within 24 hours and be sure to contact an AMG studio associate in order to schedule your make up lesson. 


Please note:  AMG instructors may participate in conferences and special events from time to time.  When this occurs and conflicts with a students lesson slot, AMG will issue a make up credit. Also, if an instructor needs to cancel and we do not have a substitute to cover your lesson, you will be given a make up credit.  When an AMG special event occurs or an AMG instructor cancels, we will do our best effort to give notice and will also give opportunity for the parent or student to register for a make up slot. 

Lesson Registration Fees

AMG charges a $30 registration fee per student per semester advancement.  Family registration fee is $50. Registration fees are non refundable.


Studio Policies:


Studio Time Booking

A 50% deposit is required to book each session.  Your deposit will be applied toward your first session.  Deposits must be received within 48 hours of your session, or your booking may be cancelled and scheduled with another client.  Deposits are non refundable. Cancellations not made within 24 hours will incur a $50 fee upon resuming your session/services. 


Studio Time Rates & Billing

Standard recording rate is $40.00 per hour (2hour minimum).  Studio may be booked in 8 hour blocks.  Billing starts at your scheduled session time. Billing also includes time when the engineer is working on your project for such things as edits, mastering, rough mixes, uploading, etc.  From the point you begin your scheduled session to the point you leave out the door your session is billed.


Studio Payment

Payment is required upon the completion of each session.  AMG accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX.  


Studio Masters

Account must be paid in full prior to receiving your masters.  You must provide your own hard drive.


Studio Mixing

Mixes are not part of studio time.  AMG can provide mixes at a reasonable rate.  You may inquire for more information. 

Studio Downtime

If the studio should suffer any failure due to forces of nature or acts of GOD or otherwise, we agree to re-schedule studio sessions at an agreeable time for all parties. If the recording systems fail during a studio session and loss of data or time is a result, you will receive equivalent time at no charge to make up for such loss to your session.


Independent Producers, Musicians, Engineers

If you need a producer, AMG can provide one at an additional cost.  This goes for musicians, and mixing and mastering. You may inquire for more information. 

Events Policies:


Payment or voucher must be mad/presented prior to event date, or your seat will not be reserved.  Once signed up, AMG studio will send confirmation of your reserved seat. Event refunds will not be given.  If needing to cancel, AMG will issue a credit to use toward another event of the same type.


Alcohol/Beverage Policy for BYOB events:
BYOB is 21 and up only. Must be 21 to consume alcohol.  Wine is the only alcoholic beverage allowed.  All other alcoholic beverages are prohibited.  If you do not consume alcohol, you are welcomed to bring any other non-alcoholic beverage.



General Policies:


If you leave any gear or personal belongings behind in the studio or music room we will take reasonable effort to store safely, however we will not be held responsible in the event your equipment or belongings are damaged or stolen. By agreeing to this policy you agree that Arkadia Music Group, LLC or any of it’s owners/Jonathan Robinson aka “Jon-John” Robinson are not responsible for loss or damage to any gear or personal belongings left behind. 


No Smoking & Drugs

Smoking and drugs are strictly prohibited on the premises. We have the right to  deny access to our studio and our equipment, to anyone we feel is under the influence.  


Firearms are strictly prohibited on the premises.  We have the right to deny working with anyone we feel is carrying firearms and is a potential threat to any of our associates.

Release of Liability

I give permission for AMG to use my image/likeness when on the premises for promotional purposes.


Right to Refuse 

We reserve the right to refuse to work with anyone for any reason. We do not usually record Rap, and we do not record Punk or Death metal.

These policies are subject to change at any given moment and you will be informed through the student portal when policies have changed. 



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