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Elevate Your Sound

Arkadia Music Group (AMG) is a family-owned music studio located in Keller, Texas. Operated by our very own two time Grammy Award Winning, Multi Platinum Producer Jon-John Robinson.  AMG is proud to provide an atmosphere that embraces creativity and individuality so that you may realize your unique talent and musical abilities.  We specialize in providing Recording Artist and Producer Development, Music Lessons, Music Production, Music Business Consultation, Master Classes and Seminars.

Discovering You

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Piano Lessons
Piano Lessons/Theory

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Music Business Seminars
Music Business Seminars/Workshops

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Discovering You

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Everyone has talent but few work hard enough to perfect it.  

Meet Jonathan (Jon-John) Robinson…a 2x Grammy-Award-winning producer and multi-platinum songwriter, originally hailing from the music capital of the world, Los Angeles, California.  Jon-John, a Babyface protégé, has worked with legendary artists ranging from Lady Gaga, Pink, Diana Ross, and Gladys Knight to TLC, KCi & Jojo, and 3LW. He’s also created music for multimedia conglomerates such as Disney, Universal, and Sony. Put simply, Jonathan’s skill sets and experience go far beyond today’s beat-making…he knows how to make a record from start to finish.


After years of success in the Los Angeles music scene, Jon-John, wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the LA life decided to relocate to the Dallas/Fort Worth area to focus more on his family. Upon arrival, he found a wealth of untapped young talent but few opportunities or venues to groom and develop it. Seeing a need and wanting to give back to others that, which had enriched him, Jon-John decided to do something about it. He founded Arkadia Music Group an Entertainment Company & Music Academy.


Arkadia Music Group’s mission is a simple one: To provide an environment and atmosphere that embraces creativity and individuality so that students may realize their unique talents and musical abilities. Moreover, the music academy offers professional music lessons in addition to providing real-world music education and insights into artist development, music production, and the music business. Arkadia Music Group also offers full music production services, digital distribution and artist development services to select clientele. To date, multitudes of kids, aspiring recording artists, and music producers have walked through the doors of Arkadia Music Group and have left with the knowledge, tools, and life skills needed to make their musical dreams a reality.


Making Learning More Enjoyable

We believe each student should have the right balance of personalized attention, patience, practical training, and positive encouragement. We want to make learning fun and we pride ourselves in not only teaching you how to read the notes, study theory or make beats, but also how to  SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF MUSIC.


Lessons (ages 5 and up):

  • Guitar (Individual)

  • Music Theory (Individual)

  • Piano (Group & Individual)

  • Production (Individual)

  • Songwriting (Group)

  • Viola/Violin (Individual)

  • Vocal Lessons (Individual)

AMG's instructors are background checked through Sterling. 



Artist Development is designed for the independent artist in cultivating their musical talents to become a successful artist.  Major labels are no longer invested in the development of an artist.  Labels expect the recording artist to be packaged and ready to promote. For the independent artist, it’s important to build a loyal fanbase and your talent must be unique enough to become a successful artist in todays competitive market.


Through the experience and connections that AMG has, we will develop you in the following areas:

  • Branding

  • Music Theory

  • Recording

  • Songwriting/Production

  • Stage Performance

  • Styling/Image

  • Vocal Performance


View some of our most recent projects and label releases.  Contact us for more information.



Being a producer is one of the most complex positions in the industry.  AMG's Producer development program covers all aspects of producing from the business of music all the way to audio recording and songwriting. 

Our development program is taught in modules and is customized individually to equip you with the best possible start to your career in music production or even how to assist you in becoming a better producer.  You will be challenged and engaged to increase your skill level to a polished and more professional brand. 

The program will focus on the following areas:

  • Audio Recording

  • Vocal Production

  • Music Theory

  • Music Business

  • Songwriting

  • Recording Sessions

  • Song Placements

Contact us for more information.



Recording artists rely heavily on experienced music producers to bring their songs to life. The producer is a necessary component to an artist being able to take their vision and sound mainstream.
Below is a list of how an artist can benefit from professional music production:

  • Translates the artists sound from an idea to a finish product

  • Brings a fresh perspective to your music

  • Corrects logistical obstacles of the recording process

  • Creates a cohesive sound

Contact AMG to discuss your project and production needs.

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