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Elevate Your Sound

Welcome to Arkadia Music Group (AMG) – your haven for musical exploration and growth, nestled in the heart of Keller, Texas. Our studio, helmed by the esteemed two-time Grammy Award winner and multi-platinum producer Jon-John Robinson, exudes a passion for nurturing creativity and celebrating individuality.

At AMG, we are dedicated to unleashing your distinctive talents and musical prowess. Our spectrum of offerings includes Recording Artist and Producer Development, comprehensive Music Lessons, dynamic Music Production, insightful Music Business Consultation, as well as enlightening Master Classes and Seminars.  Unlock your musical journey with us and discover the rhythm of your potential. Join us not just for lessons, but for a harmonious experience that resonates beyond the studio.


Everyone has talent but few work hard enough to perfect it.  

Meet Jonathan (Jon-John) Robinson…a 2x Grammy-Award-winning producer and multi-platinum songwriter, originally hailing from the music capital of the world, Los Angeles, California.  Jon-John, a Babyface protégé, has worked with legendary artists ranging from Lady Gaga, Pink, Diana Ross, and Gladys Knight to TLC, KCi & Jojo, and 3LW. He’s also created music for multimedia conglomerates such as Disney, Universal, and Sony. Put simply, Jonathan’s skill sets and experience go far beyond today’s beat-making…he knows how to make a record from start to finish.


After years of success in the Los Angeles music scene, Jon-John, wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the LA life decided to relocate to the Dallas/Fort Worth area to focus more on his family. Upon arrival, he found a wealth of untapped young talent but few opportunities or venues to groom and develop it. Seeing a need and wanting to give back to others that, which had enriched him, Jon-John decided to do something about it. He founded Arkadia Music Group an Entertainment Company & Music Academy.


Arkadia Music Group’s mission is a simple one: To provide an environment and atmosphere that embraces creativity and individuality so that students may realize their unique talents and musical abilities. Moreover, the music academy offers professional music lessons in addition to providing real-world music education and insights into artist development, music production, and the music business. Arkadia Music Group also offers full music production services, digital distribution and artist development services to select clientele. To date, multitudes of kids, aspiring recording artists, and music producers have walked through the doors of Arkadia Music Group and have left with the knowledge, tools, and life skills needed to make their musical dreams a reality.


Making Learning More Enjoyable

We hold the belief that every student deserves a harmonious blend of individualized focus, patient guidance, hands-on experience, and uplifting motivation. Our mission is to infuse the joy of learning into every moment, taking pride not only in imparting note-reading skills, theoretical understanding, and rhythmic intricacies but also in honing your ability to fluently SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF MUSIC.


Lessons (ages 5 and up):

  • Guitar (Individual)

  • Music Theory (Individual)

  • Piano (Group & Individual)

  • Production (Individual)

  • Songwriting (Group)

  • Viola/Violin (Individual)

  • Vocal Lessons (Individual)

AMG's instructors are background checked through Sterling. 



Recording Artist Development is a tailor-made journey crafted to empower independent artists, nurturing their innate musical talents into a thriving success story. In an era where major labels have shifted focus, demanding artists to arrive fully packaged for promotion, the onus lies on the independent artist to forge a devoted fanbase and cultivate a distinct talent that stands out in today's fiercely competitive market.

Drawing upon AMG's wealth of experience and industry connections, our comprehensive artist development program encompasses an array of essential facets:

  • Branding: Crafting an authentic and compelling identity.

  • Music Theory: Elevating your understanding of musical intricacies.

  • Recording: Mastering the art of studio sessions and soundscapes.

  • Songwriting/Production: Cultivating your creative prowess.

  • Stage Performance: Polishing your live showmanship.

  • Styling/Image: Curating a magnetic visual presence.

  • Vocal Performance: Refining your vocal expression.


Join us on this transformative voyage, as we shape not just your music, but your legacy in the world of artistry.

View some of our most recent projects and label releases.  Contact us for more information.


Student taking Music Production Lessons

Navigating the role of a producer stands as one of the most intricate journeys within the industry. AMG's Producer Development program is an all-encompassing voyage, spanning the entirety of production, from the intricacies of music business to the nuances of audio recording and songcraft.

Our program unfolds through meticulously designed modules, each tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're embarking on a career in music production or striving to enhance your prowess as a producer, our program sets the stage for a transformative journey. Throughout, you'll be immersed in dynamic challenges, fostering a polished and profoundly professional skill set.

Key areas of focus in this immersive program include:

  • Audio Recording: Mastering the art of capturing sound.

  • Vocal Production: Elevating your skills in crafting impactful vocal performances.

  • Music Theory: Expanding your musical understanding.

  • Music Business: Navigating the industry landscape with acumen.

  • Songwriting: Cultivating your creative songcrafting abilities.

  • Recording Sessions: Gaining insight into successful studio sessions.

  • Song Placements: Understanding the strategic placement of music.

Get in touch with us today to delve into the details and embark on a journey that could reshape your producer's path.


Experienced music producers play a pivotal role in transforming the creative vision of recording artists into vibrant reality. The producer serves as the catalyst enabling artists to propel their unique sound and vision into the mainstream spotlight.

Here's a glimpse into the array of advantages that professional music production can offer artists:

  • Realizing Artistic Vision: Seamlessly translating an artist's concept into a polished masterpiece.

  • Fresh Creative Insights: Infusing a novel perspective that enhances the musical composition.

  • Navigating Technical Hurdles: Skillfully addressing logistical challenges within the recording process.

  • Forging Cohesive Artistry: Crafting a harmonious and consistent sonic identity.

Don't hesitate to reach out to AMG for a dialogue on your project and the production expertise you require. Together, let's elevate your musical journey to new heights.

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