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Mr. Kevin
Vocal & Piano Instructor

Kevin Graves is married to Shavonn Graves and father of three girls. He is partner of Vision Streams International Incorporated.  A musician who plays multiple instruments, including keyboard and organ being his main instrument. Mr. Graves is a Choir acumen and a dynamic vocal coach. He has been Director of music for Mark Chironna Ministries, played and co-produced on projects such as Grace (TD Jakes), Mega Youth project, Joe Pace and Colorado Mass with Integrity/Sony music, Micah Stampley, Dr. Lenord Scott for Tyscott Records, James Dixion and Community of Faith, George Pass and NEW, Jana Mitten and the Fire Choir, Lannie Robinson and Spirit -Led, Charles Graham, Lorretta Gurnell, Terrance Bell, Richard Smallwood, TBN Tele-a-thon.  Project Manager for the Pattie Labelle Tour.  Has assisted in developing a 500 voice choir for manpower.  Played for Woman Thou art Loosed, Mega Fest, Pastors/leaders conferences and Autism Speaks with Marcus. 


Mr. Kevin has also worked on various projects with ministries and networks such as the following:

  • Television production with TBN

  • TD Jakes enterprise

  • March of Faith Ministries

  • Living Word Faith Ministries

  • BET

  • TV ONE



  • ABC

  • NBC affiliates

Mr. Kevin assists AMG with vocal lessons for Independent Recording Artists & AMG's Artist Development students. He also teaches piano.  Aside from his musical talents Mr. Kevin is the author of the "Key to be B#.

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